Our Services

Learn why solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and even large corporations hire a Virtual Assistant with Ghost Assistants.

Our Services

Help Desk & Support

Imagine a world where your clients & customers get instant responses to all their questions and concerns, wherever & whenever! Our remote virtual assistants are available 24/7 across multiple channels for all your clients & customers who need help.

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Do you need help with your bookkeeping & accounting? Are the numbers not adding up, is it time for a reality check, or have things become too complicated to keep track of in such an organized manner? Let our professional team of virtual assistants help you stay on top of your business finances with their expert assistance.


Our Virtual Assistants are the answer to all of your research needs. They are a great resource to the modern day business person looking to save time and get information needed on any topic. They can research specific topics, find facts and figures on any subject, discover specific resources, and collate all their findings for you.

Copywriting & Blogging

SEO Content, Engaging Social Media Posts, Blog Articles, etc. It's no secret that great copy is vital to the success of any company. This is more so true for eCommerce stores, where every online purchase influences the bottom line. So, what happens when you need help with writing content? Well, luckily, our Virtual Assistants can help you do just that.

Social Media Management

Social media channels are a crucial part of any business marketing strategy, but it can be difficult for small companies with limited resources to manage them. Not to worry, our remote virtual assistants can manage all your social media profiles 24/7

Project Management

Virtual Assistants are essential to any company that needs help managing projects. Our Executive Virtual Assistants can coordinate all aspects of your projects from initiation to planning, and execution.

Live Chat Management

Live Chat is a great way for companies to communicate with their customers. With our Executive Virtual Assistants, you can have an unlimited number of people help manage your Live Chat 24/7 and answer any questions that come in!

Website & Mobile App Management

It's time to put your website & mobile app in good hands. Our Virtual Assistants can help manage website & mobile app development projects, provide content updates, and schedule regular backups of your website & mobile app.

Email Management

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your inbox? A Virtual Assistant will make things easier for sure. They can help keep track of all those pesky emails, prioritize them according to what needs attention first--and even forward the really important messages directly to you.

Data Entry & Database Management

Data is the lifeblood of any business, but managing it can be time-consuming with manual tasks like sifting through records or going back into old files for additions/corrections; this takes away valuable work hours that could go towards building your business! Our Virtual Assistants will take over these tedious duties so you don't have to.

Scheduling & Calendar Management

If you're busy and need help with your schedule, it's time to outsource the heavy lifting. Virtual assistants can help make your schedule more efficient by booking your travel, schedule & manage your meetings with clients or coworkers, and even reschedule appointments if needed.

Transcription Services

Have you ever needed to transcribe an audio recording? Whether it is for work or just personal use, hiring a virtual assistant to do this for you makes this very tedious process a breeze.

Online Marketplace Management

Got an Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or another online store on a different marketplace? If so, then you must know its a demanding & overwhelming task to manage all your stores. Our Virtual Assistants will get it all handled, so you're able focus on what matters most - selling products!

Order Processing & Invoicing

Order processing and invoicing can be time-consuming tasks for small businesses. With the help of our Virtual Assistants, you can meet your deadlines quickly so your customers are not waiting for their purchases for long periods of time.

Event Planning

Planning an event can be overwhelming. Hiring a Virtual Assistant to help with everything from scheduling interviews and appointments, drawing up contracts, and researching industry trends in advance of your next big launch - will give you more time for other important tasks!

Travel Booking

The process of booking travel can be overwhelming, you have to find the best fares, research your destination, and then deal with all those tricky travel arrangements. Our Virtual Assistants can finally alleviate some of the stress of traveling for you.

Sales Management

Hiring a virtual assistant to manage sales leads is an excellent idea. They will be able to help you convert more prospects into paying clients with their expertise in lead conversion, marketing research, and managing large projects efficiently!

PR & Reputation Management

PR Management is about creating a strategy for promotion your brand, while Reputation management is the art of repairing your online image. If you have a poor one, it can be hard to recover and increase business growth. Our Virtual assistants can help with all apsects of PR & Reputation Management.

Digital & Non Digital Marketing Management

From SEO to running & managing PPC Ads to executing Direct Mail Campaigns, our Virtual Assistants are more than capable of taking care of all your Digital & Non Digital Marketing needs.

CRM Management

CRMs helps businesses manage & monitor all aspects of their relationships with current customers, and future prospects. Our Virtual Assistants are well equipped to get this done for your business efficiently.

Customer Care & Tech Support

Say goodbye to feeling like you're in over your head with customer service & tech support. Our virtual assistants are trained professionals who can help provide quality services while giving back you back time for those things that really matter most - family, friends, or simply enjoying life without the interruption of work.

Human Resources & Payroll

The best way to deal with the demands of HR & Payroll is by hiring a Virtual Assistant. A Ghost Assistant can take care all those tedious tasks that you don't have time for, such as remembering to enter hours into your system for employees, transcribing interviews , sending out tax documents, etc.

Employee Onboarding & Training

Increase efficiency by hiring a Virtual Assistant to complete the initial onboarding and training process for your new employees. This streamlined approach can save you time while ensuring your new hires are properly trained in their roles prior to commencing their daily operations & tasks.

Organization & Classification of Files

Imagine the time you could save by having your Executive Virtual Assistant organize, classify, and even digitize your files for you. Get all those pesky documents into categories, sort them according to size or whatever category you want, then get them stored on an easily accessible cloud storage system waiting to be accessed, at any moment, from anywhere in the world.

Creating Presentations

With a presentation, you can make your case in minutes. The right information is easy to digest, and will give your audience what they need. Our virtual assistants are experts at creating presentations from scratch, or adapting existing ones depending upon your needs.

Graphic Design Management

Our Virtual Assistants can help you manage your graphic design projects. We will not only manage all aspects of your projects, but also provide feedback on designs and suggest revisions to your graphic designer.

Website Design Management

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the task of managing the development of your website? If so, our Virtual Assistants can be an excellent resource for managing these projects. We have a team of experts that are available 24/7 to help with any technical difficulties or questions that may arise while working on them!

Mobile App Design Management

Our Virtual Assistants can manage your Mobile App Development project from start-to finish, making sure nothing falls through the cracks or gets lost in translation (literally). All while making sure deadlines are met – without compromising quality.

Creating Graphic Designs

With Ghost Assistants, your Executive Virtual Assistant can help you with your non technical graphic design needs. Utilizing a drag & drop design software such as Canva, your assistant can help you design social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents & other visual content needed to help promote your business. For technical graphic designs that require a professional, your assistant can help manage the projects being handled by an Inkgility Graphic Designer.

Build Your Website

With Ghost Assistants, your Executive Virtual Assistant can handle your non technical website development needs utilizing a drag & drop website development platform such as Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, or Webbly (recommended). For technical website development that require a professional, your assistant can help manage those projects, provided they are being done by Inkgility Web Developer.

Create Your Mobile App

With Ghost Assistants, your Executive Virtual Assistant can handle your mobile app development needs utilizing an intuitive mobile app development platform, that requires no coding, such as Buildfire. For mobile apps that require more custom functionality, your assistant can help manage those projects, provided they are being done by an Inkgility Mobile App Developer.


With the rise of email, faxes are becoming a thing from yesteryear; however, you might run into clients or other businesses that still utilize the old fashioned way of faxing. Thankfully, a physical fax machine is no longer needed for sending & receiving faxes. Your Virtual Assistant can utilize an online digital platform to send and receive faxes on behalf of your business.

Outbound Calling

Do you need someone to schedule your appointments, call vendors, or remind your clients to pay their outstanding invoices? Our Virtual Assistants can help take the hassle out of these tasks, freeing up your productive time, so that you can focus more on your core business.

Online Shopping

Ghost Assistants can make your life easier by purchasing your groceries, ordering flowers for your loved ones, researching the best gifts for different occasions & ordering them, and so much more. In addition, your Virtual Assistant will find you the best deals online, thereby saving you money in the process.

Video Creation & Edits

Ghost Assistants can help you create amazing videos that will captivate your target audience. They're capable of not just creating compelling content, but also trimming footage, mixing music, adding animations, and much more - all using a drag-and-drop video creation software such as Canva. For more advanced videos, your assistant will gladly manage & oversee the project on your behalf.

Photo Editing

Virtual Assistants can edit your photos effortlessly & give them an instant edge, making the photos seem like they were taken & edited by a professional photographer. All of this is achieved using Canva's Photo Editor. For more advanced photo editing, your assistant will gladly manage & oversee the project on your behalf.