No matter how complicated the task, Ghost Assistants deliver every time!

Your business will be in great hands with our dedicated Executive Virtual Assistants. We have a dedicated & experienced US-based staff ready to go above and beyond your expectations!

A Wide Array of Tasks & Services

Our Virtual Assistants will be the ultimate weapon in your company’s arsenal.

One of the benefits of working with Ghost Assistants is that our Executive Virtual Assistants are capable of performing hundreds of tasks covering a variety of services.

We will work with you closely to understand your business & goals, so that we can not just meet your expectations, but also exceed them.

US Based, College Educated Virtual Assistants

Our Executive Virtual Assistants are the most qualified and experienced assistants in the industry.

They are all college educated, based in the United States, and have significant work experience as Executive Assistants.

Our assistants are experts in the field, and they all have several years of experience running businesses.

Request a consultation today so we can curate a program for your company to make sure it runs smoothly from inception & through its growth stages.

Not just a Dedicated Executive Virtual Assistant, but also a team of Supported Specialists

We don't just provide you with an Excutive Virtual Assistant, but an entire team of professionals to ensure that your needs are met.

As a subsidiary of Inkgility, The World’s Most Innovative Marketing Company, we have access to specialists in all fields of Marketing & Advertising.

It is this access that allows us to provide services in areas not typically offered by other Virtual Assistant Companies.

Fully Committed & Dedicated

Ghost Assistants Executive Virtual Assistants are able to provide you with the assistance that is best suited to your needs.

They are fully committed and dedicated professionals who will go above-and-beyond in order to make sure every task gets completed on time, and without hassle.

Compare Ghost Assistants to the Alternatives

  A Full Time Ghost Assistant Full Time Hire Outsourcing Tasks
Cost $1600/month $4000/month+ $200-$1,000 per task
Time To Start Immediate 4.8 weeks 1 Week
Replacement Effort Immediate New hires that need to be retrained. New hires that need to be retrained.
Training Done By Professionals 2-4 Weeks Uncertain
Expertise A variety of skillsets. Administrative skills only Specific

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